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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does the Billboard run?

      The minimum time is 1 week , no maximum run length. Billboards are sold on 4 week increments. Have a specific schedule you need to target? Call us.

  • What does a Billboard cost?
      Our displays range in cost , anywhere between $75 and $4500 per 4 week period.
      Prices vary based on Display size, Location and Number of impressions.
  • How long until our ad is up?

      On digital we can put up ads immediately once the designs are finished and upload is only a few clicks away. Standard Vinyl billboard take 10 – 12 days from finalized artwork.

  • Can we put up anything we want?
      There are legal restrictions on Billboard advertising, Slander, alcohol, Tobacco and other restrictions do apply at times. Any general Business Promotion does not typically have to worry about these restrictions but some content restrictions apply.
      Controversial Ad content may be denied.

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